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M D Mehta District Science Centre, Dhrol is an institute managed by Shri M. D. Mehta Education Trust. The motive of the Trust is to expand the education in society.

In 1985 Shri M. D. Mehta Education Trust has established Science Centre at Dhrol. In 1998 the Gujarat council on science and technology of Gujarat Government has recognized as district science centre of Jamnagar District.

Date & Number of  Registration : Regd.No. STC/1097/2038 Dt. 21.3.98

Objectives of Institute
  • To conduct the workshop, training programmes for developing interest in science in student as well as teachers.
  • To introduce and sprade awareness about science in community.
  • To spread science approch and awareness training of science for rural women.
  • To spraed awaress for right utilisation of natural enargy and preservation of environment in daily life.
  • Use of Simple and practical education of science in classroom.


Specialities of Institute
  • Building of 3000 Sq. Ft. with hudreds of working science model in science museum.
  • CD Library and more than 1200 science books in library
  • Botonical garden of domestic forest
  • Publication and circulation of popular Bi-monthly 'Jay Vigyan' to more than 2000 institution.
  • Visulise revision programme for Standard 10th.
  • Modern CD Library for students.
  • Well furnished library contains more than 1000 books on science.


No. of people in last 10 years at Science Center

Working Years
Working No.
Total Students
Total Teachers
Total Women
Total Local Public
Total Benificiery


Managing Committee
Shri Harsukhbhai Mehta
Smt. Sudhaben Khanderia
Shri Sanjay Pandya
Programme Officer



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