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To show the Talent hidden inside Children and to present Children Science Project/Science Talent at District Level, National Level or International Lavel Science Center conducts National Science Drama, Natiosnal Science Seminar, Science Quiz, IT Quiz, Maths Festival etc. Such District Level GUJCOST-Gndhinagar directed programmes are being conducted at Science Center.

With prior telephonic confirmaton and with 50 to 60 students, any school of Jamnagar D istrict can arrange to conduct single day Vigyan Lok (Science World) Programme at Science Center.

Vigyan Lok (Science World)

AT visit science center different labs, planetarium, Science Musuem, & Herbal Garden. Play wth Science Toys. Student does Science expiriments by
themselves. Learn about adolescent Science.

Timing : Full Day (10.30 am to 5.00 pm)
Target Group : Students from Std 4 to 12
Minimum Students : 50

Scientific Toys

To make different types of scientific toys by using the waste & dustbin material available at the nearest place of the villages. Prepared by village children, instructed by experts.

Timing : Full Day (10.30 am to 5.00 pm)
Target Group : The children from the villages
Minimum Children : 100

Mathematics Puzzle

To Develop
interest and learn Geometry by making of different shapes like Triangular. To learn about corners, Paithagorous, theorem etc. by matches sticks and puzzle.

Timing : Full (10.30 am to 5.00 pm)
Target Group : Students from std 5 to 12
Minimum Students : 50

Special Day Celebration

We celebrate special days like scientist birth day, World No Tobaco day, AIDS Day, National Science Day, World Environment Day, Nutrition Week etc by way of seminars, quiz, or wall papers to develop science skill in local public.

Timing : Full day (10.30 am to 5.00 pm)
Minimum : 100
Target Group : Students from any std. & Locol public also


Vacation Special Programme

For proper use of Vacation period and to develop scientific skills in the students by different ways like sky watching, fun with biology, Film show, origami maths etc.

Timing : Half Day (10.30 am to 1.00 pm)
Target Group : Students from std 5 to 12
Minimum Students : 50

Science And Maths Club

In Jamnagar District to make Science and Maths comon Science Center has created "GUJCOST Science Club" and "Math Club" including around 75 Schools.

With group of students Programme like "Vigyan Lok (Science World)" and "Ganit Safar (Math Journey)" can be conducted at Science Center.

Child Scientist

Children - Future Scientist. From Childhood they start having Scientific view for routine things happning around them Science Center conduct a Course named "'Child Scientist" in which Student will be comming 4 times a month to Science Center. Course will be for an year. So in year student 30 days students learn 30 different Science and Maths Topics. and at then ending of year Best Child Scientist contest is being conducted. A winner gets an award and students taking part in it gets the certificate.

Vigyan Rath (Science Van )

To Develop specific skill into the interior part of the villages by showing them scientific models, funny practicals and magical maths at their own school's compound and Herbal Plants Exhibition.

Timing : Half Day
Target Group : Students from std. 5 to 12
Minimum Students : 200


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