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Well Developed Laboratories and other Infrastrusctures

Physics Lab

Any scientific discovery or an invention is done through various research and experiments. The process of experimentation has led to many scientific discoveries and Physics, the subject of matter and energy, is not an exception. Laboratories at the Centre have been one of the nodal points in encouraging scientific development among all, especially students and teachers. Emphasis is placed on encouraging the students to question, investigate, collect and organize information about various scientific phenomena.

Chemistry Lab

A chemistry laboratory is a place where you can perform in actual the different reactions that you had learnt in the books or heard in lectures. A good chemistry laboratory is fully equipped with the basic measuring and analytical chemistry laboratory apparatus or chemistry lab equipment that allows a good study of all the branches of chemistry. However all the different experiments should be performed under the supervision of the lab instructor only.

Biology Lab

The Biology laboratory houses a good collection of plant and animal specimens, models as well as instruments required for biological studies.


Maths lab

Children are used to logic, performing mathematics, that purpose is set up in 150 math models, mathematical puzzles, math puzzles, origami paper shapes “mathematical laboratory”. These laboratories sit in group math and perform math activities

Planetarium Lab

A planetarium  is a theatre built primarily for presenting educational and entertaining shows about astronomy and the night sky, or for training in celestial navigation. A dominant feature of most planetariums is the large dome-shaped projection screen onto which scenes of stars, planets and other celestial objects can be made to appear and move realistically to simulate the complex ‘motions of the heavens’.

Bio A Corner

Children are interested in biotechnology, with the aim of doing biotechnology sector activities. Bio-acorns have been created with the help of GSBTM, Gandhinagar. The children take advantage of regular DNA Replication in the group, knowing the genes through cinema king, visual-audio Quizzes, Exhibits.

Science Museum

Wings to Wings, ISRO Satellite Journey, Periodic Table, Human Evolution, Solar System Attraction Giant Poster with 100 different science based science working models, as well as astronauts’ cut out mouth selfie corner. The children are engaged in science for three hours in this museum.

Electronic lab

The difference between electricity and electronics is realized, basic information in the field of electronics is found, 20 working models like clap switch, light dimmer, electronic piano, touch security system etc. are found in this lab for the purpose of motivating children-teachers to make their working models.

Astronomy observatory:

The First Astronomical Observatory in M.D.Mehta District Science Centre, Dhrol in all Over India’s Science Centre.

The Handling of Shree M.D.Mehta Education Trust is carried by Shree M.D.Mehta Science Centre-Dhrol Since 1985. Dr Harsukhbhai Mehta Has Constantly Encouraged Science and Spread Scientific information to all the nearby villages. He has been spreading scientific information not only to children but all the age groups. At the age of 91 he still always keeps thinking how to get new and different scientific information in this science Centre. Because of his constant efforts, out of all the science centers throughout the Country, we are the first ones to get the Astronomical Observatory. For The Betterment and Interest of all the science students there is constant addition of Instruments and models in the centre. We are also having a thought that after the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths lab, Biotechnology Corner, Science museum, adolescence exhibition etc. Now the Students of Jamnagar Should also participate in speedily increasing space research of India at present for the study of space, Astronomical Observatory is located in Mt Abu, Nainital and Ladakh Only and it is not possible to reach there for each and every students. After researching world wide science centres we came to know that Washington DC USA, Toulouse France, Munich Switzerland and Melbourne Australia’s Science Centres are located in the middle of the city and the observatory are still on the road sides. Here people can easily visit and get the information of how the astronomical observatory looks, their Instruments and its working. After Gaining Inspiration From this, we have decided to expand our Astronomical Observatory in our Science Centre. The main Motive is to What to teach ! All the Students should easily get updated will all the latest information about science and technology will be our only effort. For the application of this idea process we got financial support form CSR Activity Pashim Gujarat Vij Company Limited Rajkot and due to this we successfully established it in our Science Centre and we are proud of it.


Multi purpose seminar hall

Large seminar hall for various activities of the science center. Various facilities like projector, demonstration table, women scientists as well as poster exhibition of Mars, large open space in which children can sit in groups and do activities.

3D Projector

As children become interested in science and technology, learn about 3D technology, understand science with excitement, laughter and fun. A science fiction 3D film show is organized for visiting school children with the help of 3D projectors, 200 3D glasses.




Solar Roof Top Science Centre with Solar Rooftop System

The entire center has been powered by solar energy through a solar rooftop scheme with the aim of spreading the message of energy saving as well as the use of renewable energy sources in the society.

Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden Corner has been created with the objective of encouraging the general public to grow vegetables free of pure chemical fertilizers as well as health and economic benefits.





Poster Exhibition Gallery

The Poster Exhibition Gallery is designed to provide visitors with useful, informative and complete information on a topic.

  • Know It your Self Exhibition
  • Sarjan Yatra Exhibition
  • Herbal Exhibition
  • Covid-19 CORONA Exhibition
  • Zodiacs Exhibition 
  • ISRO TimeLine Exhibition 
  • 3D Virus Exhibition
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