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To show the Talent hidden inside Children and to present Children Science Project/Science Talent at District Level, National Level or International Level Science Centre conducts National Science Drama, National Science Seminar, Science Quiz, IT Quiz, Maths Festival etc. Such District Level programmes Directed By GUJCOST-Gadhinagar are being conducted at Science Centre. The on-going programs at Vigyan Kendra Dhrol are as follows:-

Child Scientist Course

Let a Science cyclone take place in Jamnagar District. Children will realise their dreams to be a child scientist, Children who are from rural or urban area, have some new scientific ideas for new work and new research. It is necessary to bring them out with various science activities. Once a scientific aptitude develops in them they surely blossom as a scientist not only in Jamnagar District but also across the country. For the success of this work, first to search out the active children from wide rural or crowded urban areas then they need to come twice for four hours during the month for training at the District Science Centre. If these children come 17 times at the Centre during the year, they can develop scientific skills through 37 workshops. “Vigyan Ratna Award” and Certificates are given to those who attend throughout the year.

Std. 5 To 8 are Interested in Science Activity, Studying in Granted or Non-Granted Schools of Jamnagar District or Any District of Gujarat Can Join This Course.

Sunday Science Fun Day Course

Sunday Science Fun Day course is run with the aim of enabling children to do research in the field of science and engage in in-depth active work on science subject. In which the interested child comes to the science centre twice a month. They Participates in a total of 37 workshops per year according to the theme of the month. This course includes a child studying above Std-9, as well as a child who has completed one year of the Child Scientist course. Certificates and Vigyan Ratan awarded to children who are actively involved throughout the year. 

Std. 9 To 12 are Interested in Science Activity, Studying in Granted or Non-Granted Schools of Jamnagar District or Any District of Gujarat Can Join Us.

One Day Vigyan Lok

With prior telephonic confirmation and with 50 to 60 students, any school of Jamnagar District can arrange to conduct single day Vigyan Lok (Science World) Programme at Science Centre. At Science Centre they can visit Different labs – Physic Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Planetarium, Science Museum, Bio A Corner. Play with Science Toys. Student does Science Experiments by themselves. Learn about Adolescent Science. At the end of the day, a rocket of paper made by the students is flown in the ground.

Timing: Full Day (10.30 am to 5.00 pm)

Target Group: Students from Standard:4 to 12

Students Workshop

To develop keen interest in hands-on activities, practical science Knowledge through self-experiments is imparted in groups. This workshop gives opportunity to any school students who join with us for live activities. We cover different types of science & maths topics. 

Timing: Full Day (10.30 am to 5.00 pm)

Target Group: Students from Standard:5 to 12

Special Day Celebration

We celebrate special days like scientist birthday, World No Tobacco day, AIDS Day, National Science Day, World Environment Day, and Nutrition Week etc. Through Workshop, Quiz, Rally, Creative Activities, Lecture, Competition to Develop Science Skill in Local Public and this kind of Scientific Approach Develops Intellectual abilities of Children.

Timing: Full Day (10.30 am to 5.00 pm)

Target Group: Students from any std. & Local public also

Vacation Dhamaka Programme

For Proper use of Vacation Period and to develop Scientific Approach in students by different Programmes like sky watching, fun with science, math-e-magic, science toys, environmental project, health is wealth etc. They carry out experiments on various principles of science, get results & understand principles.

Timing: Half Day (10.30 am to 1.00 pm)

Target Group: Students from Standard:4 to 12

Std.10 Science Revision Programme

The Std-10 Science Subject Revision Program is organized with the objective of helping the students of Std-10 to understand the science subject in a practical way, to help the economically weaker students as well as the students in government schools to get better results in Science subjects. A group of students of Std. 10 of a certain school from the district or from outside the district comes to the centre for the whole day and the children are given experiment-activities in groups.

Timing: full Day (10.30 am to 5.00 pm)

Target Group: Students from Standard: 10

Science On Wheels “One Day Vigyan Rath”

To Develop Scientific Skill in remote villages, school students are shown scientific models, science based funny hands on activities. Education of science in rural school through hands-on experiments for experiential learning is done by taking science labs to the schools.

Timing : One Day Programme

Target Group: Students from Standard : 5 to 12

Maths On Wheels “Ganit Ni Maja J Maja”

With the aim of making the children of Jamnagar district interested in mathematics and doing math activities at home, the team of science centre goes to the school of the district and performs activities like math of puzzles, math of puzzles, math of models, paper play in the session. 

Timing : One Day Programme

Target Group: Students from Standard : 5 to 12

3D Science Film Show On Wheels

3D Science Film Show on Wheel program is organized in the school of the district or outside the district for the purpose of making the children enjoy the world of science through 3D technology. In this, the team of the Science centre goes to school with all the necessary equipment of the 3D science film show and the children enjoy 3D science film show.

Timing : 45 minutes

Target Group: Students from Standard : 5 to 12

College Students Workshops

College students from PTC, B.Ed., B.Sc., Engineering etc. are given demonstrations as well as workshops on relevant subjects through group work with the objective of using the knowledge gained through this activity at their home-village-society.

Timing : 3 Hours

Target Group : College Students 50-100

GUJCOST Science Club

To Develop Scientific Skills at the level of school up to District Level and Making of Small laboratory by the students through Science Kit. Total 65 Science Clubs are Running Successfully in Jamnagar District By our Centre. All Science Clubs have done 5 suggested Activities like National Science Drama, National Science Seminar, National Rural It Quiz, National Children Science Congress, and Special Day Celebration Guideline by CSC Dhrol.

Bal Urja Rakshak Dal (GEDA)

In collaboration with GEDA-Gandhinagar, Bal Urja Rakshak Dal Programme was conducted for 50 students & 2 teachers per school in 50 schools of the district. Awareness about the use of renewable energy sources, energy related experiments to reduce reckless misuse of electrical energy, participate in programs like film shows, Powerpoint Presentation  and try to make their contribution in the field of power saving in the society.

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