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For Community

Activities For Community

To develop skill and spread awareness of science in the local public of villages or by knowing about science, they save themselves by understanding science.

For Women Programmes :

Women Science Club

The first Women Science Club of Jamnagar District is run by M.D.Mehta District Science Centre-Dhrol in collaboration with M.D.Mehta Mahila Mandal. The women involved in this Women’s Science Club are given more than 20 types of activities throughout the year. In which Let’s change our habits, seasonal decoction, role of mother in online education of children, science of our vows, creation of basic solar cooker, paper craft work in home decoration etc. are done in this club. Specialty of this club: – Scientific Vision will flourish in the events that arise in your Home and Family, You will create a positive atmosphere in your Family, in Today’s Fast-food world, there are many ways to have a healthy family. Interested Woman Contact for Join This Club.

Ghar-Ghar Surya Cooker Programme :-

Ghar-Ghar Surya cooker program is organized for the women of the village in Jamnagar district with the objective of using renewable energy, using solar cookers instead of firewood for cooking in stoves and fireplaces. Women are trained in groups of 5 to make box solar cookers from parcel packing boxes or fan boxes. After making a solar cooker, they are shown how to make khichadi, rice or Noodles in just 15 minutes? They are given a live demonstration.

Timing : Half Day
Target Group : Public From the Village (Women Preferred)
Minimum Women : 50

Food Adulteration Programme:-

To develop skill among rural women of village to identify the adulteration in the food by very simple practicals to know about customer safety and health.

Timing : Half Day
Target Group : Public From the Village (Women Preferred)
Minimum Women : 50

Women Farmer Programme :-

The “Women Farmer” program is organized in the villages of Jamnagar district with the objective of enabling the farming women to start adopting a scientific approach. In this, training is given on how to check for adulteration in food keeping in view the health, information is given about the benefits of Amrut Jal in the crop instead of increasing it with medicines. With the aim of using solar energy, home appliances are run by solar panels and cooking is done in a solar cooker.

Timing : Half Day
Target Group : Public From the Village (Women Preferred)
Minimum Women : 50

For Farmer Programme

To Give the General Knowledge about farming in a view point of educational, economic, social and cultural development to the farmers of Jamnagar District. Train the Farmer to Develop Scientific Approach in soil, water, compost fertilizer and also seed etc.

For Community Special Programmes :-

Journey through universe

Lecture Series, Seminar, Conference and exhibition, sky watching with naked eye or with telescope for district people. Also we have planetarium which rotates realistically to simulate the complex motions of the night Sky. In particular, programs are organized for the general public to observe a celestial event such as a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse, or an alliance of planets.

Superstition Removal Programme :-

We perform 30 experiments on “chamatkar” by demonstration at main public place of village. They save themselves by understaning science behind this type superstition experiments. Every year many programmes arrange by CSC-Dhrol without any charges. To develop skill in the local public to village for knowing about science and denied to spread superstition.

For Community Exhibition

Various exhibitions have been prepared for the dissemination of accurate scientific information to the masses, health-oriented, sexual education-oriented, astronomical information. 

  • Know It your Self Exhibition
  • Sarjan Yatra Exhibition
  • Herbal Exhibition
  • Covid-19 CORONA Exhibition
  • Zodiacs Exhibition 
  • ISRO TimeLine Exhibition 
  • 3D Virus Exhibition

The exhibition is held at the Science Centre as well as at the district schools.


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